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Residents in Shaanxi Province Build Houses in Half Side

Shaanxi province, China, with a long history, is the cradle of the Chinese nation. The custom of building houses in half side has been passed down from a time we don’t know. As of the reasons and origin, they are not clear for people nowadays. In addition, we have no ways to research or verify this custom. Building the house in half side is so common to the local residents. However, for the people from other places, it becomes a wonder.

Everything exists for reasons. Therefore, there must be reasons for this custom. From one point, it is true that in this way, it takes less money and time to build. On the other hand, the house would be more firm and serviceable if built in this way. Now, the number of house like this becomes less and less in Shaanxi province areas and the surrounding areas.


Shaanxi Local Residents Like Handkerchief Being Put on Head

I have written some very interesting Shaanxi province local customs. Today, I would go on my writing on these customs with some obvious culture features. Only you live in this place for a period of time, can you realize the excellence of culture diversity.

Residents in each place in China have different appearances. It is the same in Shaanxi province. One feature is that the local residents like handkerchief being put on their heads. Handkerchiefs are necessaries for local women who need to work on the farm. They can use the handkerchiefs to cover themselves in the sun, protect their hair from the dust and wind and wipe the sweet or the hands.

The handkerchiefs are really helpful to the local people and they really like this common life necessary. However, unlike other places, the local Shaanxi residents like put handkerchief on their heads. We now don’t know when and how this custom started but it is really featuring for the people from other parts of China. However, just like other traditional customs in Shaanxi province, now less and less residents are still keeping this habit and you only can see the old women are still keeping this habit.

Shaanxi Local People Would Squat Rather Than Sit

Oddly enough, people in Shaanxi province would rather squat than sit on the chair, just like people in the picture top. Some people think that squatting is a kind of habit but I don’t think so. From the perspective of physiology, sitting is not always good. Therefore, there are some reasons for squatting. Sitting a long time may lead to pain in the butt and changing to another gesture would be more comfortable. Of course, squatting for a long time is also not good.

In the Guanzhong area of Shaanxi province, China, squatting on the chair is a tradition for a long time. People from other places may think that they would suffer from squatting for such a long time. However, the local people would think that it is enjoyable to squatting. We don’t know where and when this tradition was dating from. It is just a natural thing for the local people to squat to have dinner or have a rest.

Just like the old saying, “The unique features of a local environment always give special characteristics to its inhabitants.” The local Shaanxi province environment really influences the habits of the local people.

Shaanxi People Like to Use Stone as Pillow

In the middle of China is called Guanzhong, including the Shaanxi province and some other parts of provinces, where has a long history and a rich culture. About the traditional customs of Shaanxi province, some people have summoned the ten wonders of Guanzhong.

I have introduced some wonders of Shaanxi province in my former posts. Today I would like to tell you another wonder of Shaanxi province: the local people like to use stone and bricks as the pillows.

In Guanzhong areas, it is very hot in summer and it is difficult to sleep in the night. Therefore, the local farmers would rather use a piece of brick or a stone as a pillow. In addition, local people call this kind of pillow as gold, which means that they would rather choose stone in summer to use as pillow.

Oven Is the Last Necessity in the Kitchen

I started to love baking from three years ago. When I saw other people shared their baked cake online, I was deeply attracted. Just from then, I learned that oven was such funny kitchen equipment and we all could make cake by ourselves.

After I bought an oven and other side equipments, I started to search for recipes online such as cake, cookies and bread.

Before we begin to bake our own cakes, we should be familiar with some baking knowledge and equipments.

First we should be clear that oven and micro-oven are totally different in their working principles. Therefore, micro wave oven cannot replace the common oven. In addition, you are not advised to choose the white ovens because they would become yellow in the long time. In some occasion, electronic balance is necessary because baking cake is really a meticulous work.

Just an oven is not enough and you should also choose some side equipments, which are easily to get in the supermarkets. After you have everything ready, now you can start your baking. It is easy to get all kinds of recipes from the internet. You also can discuss with others the way of baking. I am sure you would like baking once you begin baking at the first time.

Eat Where We Go: Preserved Ham across China Part 2

Beside the smoked preserve ham, there are many other kinds of preserve hams across China. Here I would like to introduce two more kinds of preserved hams for you.

Sweet preserved ham is one important kind of preserved ham in China. The tasty of this kind of ham is rather sweet and soft than the smell. The representative of this kind of preserved ham can be originated in Macao. The traditional preserved ham in Macao companies with the smell of the Fen Jiu and rose. In a word, this kind of preserved ham is popular in Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong province.

Another representative preserved ham is the ham in Yunnan province. The authentic native making process of this kind of preserved ham is more complex than the smoked preserve ham and the sweet preserved ham. In addition, the material of this kind of preserved ham is complicated.

In fact, there are many other kinds of preserved ham across the vast whole China. Each time you go to a new place, you can try the local preserved ham and your experience would be more colorful.

Eat Where We Go: Preserved Ham across China

smoked preserve ham

In southern China, preserved ham is requisite in each family. Besides being able to be kept for a long time, compared with the fresh meat or vegetables, high quality and suitably kept preserved ham has the quality of being savoury and purely sweet. In vast China, preserved ham in different places has different local flavor. Each time you travel to a new place, try the local preserved ham preserved ham can provide you with extra experience. Now, let us begin the journey of preserved ham.

From pork, to fish and to rabbit, many kinds of meat can be made into preserved ham. In the rural areas in China, almost every home is able to make preserved ham. One of the most important processes is to scent the meat with smoke.

The smoking process is important. After the fresh meat is hung, people would fire the wood to smoke the meat. Often some kinds of spices are added in the fire such as dried orange peel. After a week, the meat would become about 70 percent dry. Then the smoked meat would be hung under the porch until it is air-dried. The finished preserved ham can be stored for a long time.